Central Heating

When you have an ageing boiler, the prospect of finding yourself without heat or water should not be left to chance. But often the biggest fear is that it will be written off – just when you don’t need the expense of a replacement.


  • Radiators are not hot
  • Noisy pump
  • Hot water not working properly
  • Problems with your overflow pipe
  • Boiler is making a kettling sound
  • The flame is not clear blue

Do boilers over 10 years old need replacing?

Not necessarily, reputable brands should last at least 15 years. Even older models can continue functioning quite well, albeit not as efficiently.

If your boiler is old, tweaks can be made to the system that can prolong its life. What is important is to keep your boiler serviced annually so any potential problems can be spotted early.

How efficient are new boilers?

A new boiler will run on 90% efficiency compared to an older boiler running on 60%. They deliver heat quicker, saving gas, energy and you money!

Boiler servicing contacts – are they worth it?

In my honest opinion, no. If you have a decent make of boiler that has been professionally installed, the likelihood of any repairs within the first 10 years is minimal.

In most cases you either won’t need repairs, or the cost of repairs and service will be less than the cost of the contract – leaving you out of pocket. They can also be confusing in terms of what is covered. How often do you hear about a part being no longer available? It’s not necessarily true.

As a local firm, we get to know our customers and their heating systems. We work to your boiler lasting for as long, and as efficiently as possible.

Our industry has seen a lot of undercutting in price, and as a result we’ve seen standards of workmanship decline. Our guarantee is to keep you home warm and dry at an affordable and honest price.

What should you do when your boiler breaks down?

A boiler is a crucial part of any home.  But what should you do if the worst happens and it breaks down?  Most people would say call a plumber, but before you do, try these tips first.

1, Double check the obvious, i.e. has the plug or switched been turned off automatically?  Is the room thermostat and temperature dial on the boiler turned up?  Does the room thermostat have batteries that need changing?  Pressed the reset button?

2, Check the flue.  Boilers may stop working because the flue is blocked.  Overgrown vegetation is a common problem.

3, Check the gas meter. Throwing the hoover, shoes and bags under the stairs can accidentally switch the gas meter either partially or completely off.  Check that the meter handle is running in line with the pipe.

4, Check the system pressure. The pressure gauge on the boiler or sometime elsewhere entirely if indeed your system has one should be set no lower than 0.5 when the heating is turned off, and no higher than 1.5 when the heating is turned on.

5, Check for frozen internal pipes as boilers don’t like the cold. Narrow external condense pipes can freeze. Use a hot water bottle to cover the pipe to help unfreeze it. If it keeps happening, contact us.

6, If it’s still not working it’s time to call VPS. Contact us on 01204 325800 or 07849 143995.